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Twitch Streamer Merges BreastFeeding and Hot Tub Stream

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Twitch streamer LuxieGames is taking a unique approach to the “hot tub meta” on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, by introducing breastfeeding into her online stream, according to Polygon.

“I was streaming and needed to feed my son, I originally was using a breastfeeding cover but they’re SO uncomfortable and hot and I can’t check on him easily. So on stream we decided it would be funny to do a censor bar originally — and then my mod Tori came up with the idea to make it look like I was in a hot tub,” LuxieGames said per the report.

The gag is a playful reference to Twitch’s “hot tub meta,” a trend where creators stream from hot tubs or inflatable kiddie pools to ensure compliance with Twitch’s community guidelines, and one that has been a hot button topic for the platform and it’s viewers over the last few years.

Just in case you think she is poking fun, LuxieGames says that she “adores” all kinds of creators, including hot tub streamers.

“I think obviously people on the internet will fetishize anything, so that’s my only concern,” LuxieGames said. “People constantly reminded me during my pregnancy that my baby bump was a fetish. Respectfully to those people, I’m a woman married to a woman whose job is on the internet. I’m not going to let people fetishizing me stop me from existing as a person and a mother. Otherwise I would have had to stop creating content a long time ago.”


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