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OnlyFans Isn’t Seeing Slowdown

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During the boom of adult content creators, NSFW content creators, and otherwise known as sexfluencers, a number of platforms did some big numbers, including OnlyFans which may have had the most success during the last few years.

However, despite the rise of visibility and popularity of the trend, the tech industry has been hit with a major slump leading many companies to scale back, completely reposition by cutting staff, or entirely fold.

That’s not the case for OnlyFans, as company CEO Amrapali “Ami” Gan says – “We’re not seeing any slowdown”, according to Axios.

In fact the company is seeing growth, as OnlyFans operations officer Kelly Blair states.

“We’re continuing to grow as a platform” she said. “We’re continuing to grow in terms of number of creators who are joining, the number of fans, the number of countries … so we’re not seeing any slowdown.”

The platform has also garnered continuous interest from those looking to work with them.

“We get approached pretty regularly by people who want to learn more about the business, are interested in working with us in some capacity” Gan said. “We’re happy being privately held, and we have no plans to make any moves of that sort… There were questions around the adult content that we have on our platform… If someone’s coming and reaching out to OnlyFans, they already know that we are known for our adult content, so that’s not exactly news.

Gan also spoke about the experience the business had dealing with the proposed ban on adult content.

“What that experience taught all of us at the business — and especially myself — was the power and voice of our creator community” Gan said. “Tim [Stokely], the former CEO, shared some information with the Financial Times [about banking policies]. Because we are able to offer a safe place — we have a lot of safety measures in place — and again, the power of the community was heard. That’s why we’re able to continue to be the most influencer-first platform.”

OnlyFans reports having 3 million creators on their platform.

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