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Amrapali Gan Striving to Make OnlyFans More Than Just Adult Content

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OnlyFans CEO Amrapali Gan took over the role of CEO at the adult content creation platform back in December 2021 after working with the company for less than two years and following the departure of founder Tim Stokely, and now wants to open the platform up to more diverse content.

Gan, 37, has since embraced her new role at the company and has ambitious plans for it’s future.

“You have business leaders that went to fancy Ivy League schools; they’re not approachable. I’m the exact opposite,” Gan said, during an interview with Time. “I’m someone with a non-traditional background, but someone who also has a very strong point of view,” she added.

Gan has made it known that she embraces the platform’s adult content creators and even opened her own page on OnlyFans so that everyone would be able to directly message her.

“I’ve been very outspoken about embracing our adult creators,” Gan said, also saying that she utilizes the account to “see what the community is doing, follow creators, and most importantly, be able to connect directly with them and send them messages.”

Despite the immense success of the platform, Gan wants OnlyFans to be more than just adult content, aiming to transition the platform into a mainstream social hub similar to the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and others, according to Fortune.

Time will tell if Gan can diversify a platform so steeped into the adult content sector and pivot it to something more mainstream.

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