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OnlyFans Claims They Tried to Stop Andrew Tate From Making Money from the site

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OnlyFans says that they were monitoring controversial MMA fighter and content creator Andrew Tate since early 2022 and had taken “proactive measures” to prevent Tate from making money on their platform, according to Reuters (h/t Yahoo).

An OnlyFans representative, who requested anonymity, said that Tate himself “never had” a creator account on the platform or received any payment from OnlyFans, per the report.

The report from Reuters goes on to say that Tate, who is currently in detention in Romania, had exercised significant control over his alleged victims’ use of’ OnlyFans which included overseeing their earnings on the platform, per court documents cited in the report.

The OnlyFans spokesperson said that the platform has taken “proactive measures” to prevent Tate from posting or monetizing content, although what precise measure were not detailed or outlined.

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